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Living in the Shell #8; unzip

Living in the Shell #8; unzip

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Babak K. Shandiz
ยทDec 3, 2021ยท

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unzip ๐ŸŽ‰

Extracts ZIP archive contents.

Test archive integrity -t

unzip -t

List archive content (short format) -l

unzip -l

Display exhaustive archive information/content -Zzl

unzip -Zzl

Extract all files into given path -d

unzip -d output-dir

Extracts all files into output-dir directory.

Extract specific files

unzip a.txt b.txt

Extract all, but exclude some files -x

unzip -x a.txt b.txt

Extracts all but excludes a.txt and b.txt.

Extract with overwrite -o

unzip -o -d output-dir

Extract without overwrite -n

unzip -n -d output-dir
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