VS Code Extension to Pick Relevant Emojis for Git Commit Messages 🐛

Emoji in git commit message

If you're VS Code user and also a fan of emojis, this new VS Code extension might appeal to you, especially if you've read and liked Emojis for Better Git Commit Messages for its exhaustive table of contextual emoji data which were gathered over years. This new extension is called Git-Emoji. What it does is to provide you with relevant emoji suggestions to add to your git commit messages. This short screen capture would show you how this extension works:

How to get relevant emojis for git commit message

To install it, search for “Git-Emoji” in the extension sidebar and click on the Install button. Alternatively, you can also install it as follows:

  1. Press Ctrl+P
  2. Type in ext install git-emoji.vscode-git-emoji and press Enter/Return


If you’re interested in the emoji/contextual data behind this extension, you can access the underlying dataset via git-emoji/dataset-js repository on GitHub. It’s also available as a NPM package; @git-emoji/dataset-js.

Hope you like this extension. 🍏